Previous Weeks

 Week 1

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy Eagles Raiders Ravens Seahawks Texans
Beth O Browns Giants Jets Ravens Titans
Big Blue 2017 49ers Falcons Giants Raiders Redskins
Bowlmeister Cowboys Falcons Panthers Raiders Saints
BrianO Falcons Panthers Patriots Raiders Redskins
Browns 0-16 Cowboys Falcons Raiders Saints Seahawks
Chet(son) Cardinals Eagles Packers Panthers Raiders
Chucky The Doll Lions Packers Panthers Steelers Texans
DanTheMan 49ers Broncos Cowboys Seahawks Vikings
Dave Squared Broncos Cardinals Packers Panthers Steelers
Dog Pound Broncos Browns Panthers Raiders Texans
DonnieRex 49ers Eagles Jets Packers Ravens
Fort Knox Falcons Panthers Raiders Rams Texans
Georgefromjc Broncos Giants Panthers Saints Seahawks
Gmen Rule Bengals Eagles Giants Panthers Texans
Goofballers Broncos Giants Lions Packers Redskins
Hold My Dak Bengals Cardinals Panthers Raiders Saints
Jeff Cardinals Falcons Jets Raiders Rams
JFIFS Falcons Lions Panthers Rams Saints
Joe O Cowboys Lions Packers Steelers Texans
Joe R Falcons Jets Saints Texans Titans
Julie Bengals Giants Rams Redskins Texans
King of the North Broncos Falcons Packers Panthers Steelers
Kit Broncos Cardinals Eagles Falcons Steelers
LICKIT&STICKIT Cardinals Falcons Packers Raiders Steelers
MAMA FIFS Bengals Browns Falcons Panthers Texans
Mr. E Chargers Jets Lions Panthers Raiders
Mrs. Upstate Cardinals Colts Jaguars Patriots Ravens
New Jersey Giants Packers Panthers Saints Steelers Titans
NFC EAST Bills Falcons Panthers Rams Steelers
NFIFS Bears Browns Chargers Jets Titans
OneBuffalo Bengals Cardinals Colts Raiders Texans
OV Pounders Bengals Giants Patriots Redskins Saints
PAPA FIFS Broncos Falcons Panthers Steelers Texans
Phins Up Bengals Falcons Jets Packers Panthers
Ray Finkle Bengals Falcons Panthers Rams Titans
Redskins Falcons Jets Panthers Raiders Steelers
RunCMC Packers Panthers Raiders Steelers Texans
Spath Bills Broncos Falcons Redskins Titans
The Viking Chargers Colts Packers Panthers Saints
Tim O Chiefs Cowboys Jets Redskins Texans
Uncle Dale Bills Eagles Falcons Patriots Texans
Vikkitortor Cardinals Eagles Jaguars Panthers Saints
Witten In The Stars Bengals Cardinals Cowboys Packers Panthers

Week 2

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy Broncos Jets Packers Rams Steelers
Beth O Bills Chiefs Colts Cowboys Jaguars
Big Blue 2017 Cardinals Cowboys Raiders Redskins Vikings
Bowlmeister 49ers Chiefs Dolphins Lions Patriots
BrianO 49ers Jaguars Raiders Saints Steelers
Browns 0-16 49ers Chiefs Cowboys Packers Patriots
Chet(son) Colts Eagles Falcons Patriots Rams
Chucky The Doll Colts Cowboys Jets Packers Vikings
DanTheMan Broncos Chargers Falcons Giants Raiders
Dave Squared Cardinals Chiefs Cowboys Patriots Vikings
Dog Pound Browns Cowboys Jaguars Texans Vikings
DonnieRex Bills Eagles Packers Ravens Steelers
Fort Knox Cardinals Cowboys Jaguars Lions Rams
Georgefromjc Cardinals Chiefs Packers Raiders Steelers
Gmen Rule Bengals Cardinals Chiefs Panthers Ravens
Goofballers Bills Chiefs Giants Titans Vikings
Hold My Dak Browns Cowboys Packers Rams Titans
Jeff Bears Cowboys Lions Panthers Seahawks
JFIFS Browns Lions Redskins Titans Vikings
Joe O Cowboys Jaguars Packers Patriots Ravens
Joe R Broncos Chiefs Colts Giants Titans
Julie Broncos Chargers Packers Rams Steelers
King of the North Buccaneers Cardinals Chiefs Packers Raiders
Kit Broncos Chargers Falcons Rams Seahawks
LICKIT&STICKIT Broncos Chiefs Packers Patriots Steelers
MAMA FIFS Chiefs Lions Packers Raiders Vikings
Mr. E Bears Browns Cowboys Lions Packers
Mrs. Upstate 49ers Chiefs Jets Saints Steelers
New Jersey Giants 49ers Buccaneers Cardinals Panthers Saints
NFC EAST Chiefs Packers Raiders Rams Ravens
NFIFS Colts Eagles Lions Redskins Titans
OneBuffalo Cardinals Cowboys Patriots Redskins Titans
OV Pounders Colts Eagles Lions Titans Vikings
PAPA FIFS Bears Browns Cardinals Panthers Vikings
Phins Up Dolphins Jaguars Panthers Patriots Rams
Ray Finkle Browns Cowboys Giants Packers Titans
Redskins Cowboys Panthers Raiders Seahawks Steelers
RunCMC Cardinals Panthers Patriots Raiders Titans
Spath Broncos Browns Cardinals Jets Vikings
The Viking Buccaneers Cowboys Packers Patriots Raiders
Tim O Cowboys Eagles Jaguars Jets Panthers
Uncle Dale Dolphins Falcons Giants Rams Seahawks
Vikkitortor Chargers Eagles Falcons Panthers Vikings
Witten In The Stars Dolphins Panthers Redskins Steelers Titans

Week 3

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy Broncos Colts Cowboys Raiders Seahawks
Beth O Chiefs Raiders Saints Seahawks Vikings
Big Blue 2017 Broncos Dolphins Falcons Raiders Rams
Bowlmeister Chiefs Eagles Packers Ravens Seahawks
BrianO Broncos Chargers Dolphins Patriots Raiders
Browns 0-16 49ers Broncos Chiefs Falcons Raiders
Chet(son) Broncos Chiefs Colts Falcons Vikings
Chucky The Doll Chiefs Cowboys Packers Redskins Seahawks
DanTheMan Bills Chiefs Colts Panthers Titans
Dave Squared Buccaneers Chiefs Eagles Falcons Ravens
Dog Pound Browns Chiefs Packers Rams Seahawks
DonnieRex Bills Eagles Panthers Ravens Steelers
Fort Knox Buccaneers Chiefs Dolphins Falcons Raiders
Georgefromjc Chiefs Dolphins Packers Patriots Steelers
Gmen Rule Broncos Chiefs Dolphins Panthers Steelers
Goofballers Chiefs Colts Cowboys Lions Titans
Hold My Dak Broncos Chiefs Dolphins Raiders Vikings
Jeff Broncos Chiefs Cowboys Ravens Seahawks
JFIFS Broncos Buccaneers Chiefs Eagles Ravens
Joe O Colts Cowboys Eagles Jets Packers
Joe R Bengals Chiefs Falcons Jets Saints
Julie Bengals Dolphins Giants Panthers Seahawks
King of the North Broncos Browns Chiefs Falcons Raiders
Kit Buccaneers Eagles Packers Seahawks Steelers
LICKIT&STICKIT Broncos Chiefs Packers Raiders Steelers
MAMA FIFS Dolphins Eagles Falcons Raiders Steelers
Mr. E Broncos Buccaneers Chiefs Colts Seahawks
Mrs. Upstate Broncos Buccaneers Dolphins Falcons Raiders
New Jersey Giants Chiefs Cowboys Giants Lions Raiders
NFC EAST Chiefs Cowboys Packers Patriots Ravens
NFIFS Falcons Redskins Seahawks Texans Vikings
OneBuffalo Broncos Browns Chiefs Dolphins Ravens
OV Pounders Broncos Cowboys Dolphins Jaguars Titans
PAPA FIFS Broncos Giants Jets Ravens Saints
Phins Up Broncos Dolphins Eagles Raiders Steelers
Ray Finkle Broncos Buccaneers Falcons Raiders Seahawks
Redskins Broncos Packers Patriots Rams Ravens
RunCMC Chiefs Lions Panthers Patriots Raiders
Spath Broncos Browns Lions Packers  
The Viking Broncos Lions Packers Seahawks Steelers
Tim O Chiefs Cowboys Eagles Packers Seahawks
Uncle Dale Chiefs Cowboys Packers Raiders Titans
Vikkitortor Buccaneers Chargers Jaguars Jets Raiders
Witten In The Stars Broncos Buccaneers Chiefs Raiders Seahawks

Week 4

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy Eagles Jaguars Steelers Titans Vikings
Beth O Bills Browns Eagles Ravens Vikings
Big Blue 2017 Eagles Jaguars Lions Patriots Titans
Bowlmeister 49ers Browns Falcons Jaguars Packers
BrianO Broncos Cardinals Giants Steelers Vikings
Browns 0-16 Bills Chargers Chiefs Colts Packers
Chet(son) Chargers Chiefs Colts Raiders Texans
Chucky The Doll Broncos Cardinals Colts Eagles Redskins
DanTheMan Bengals Chiefs Colts Cowboys Titans
Dave Squared Colts Giants Jaguars Panthers Titans
Dog Pound Cowboys Patriots Raiders Saints Steelers
DonnieRex Broncos Eagles Falcons Panthers Ravens
Fort Knox Broncos Jaguars Lions Steelers Titans
Georgefromjc Chiefs Falcons Jaguars Raiders Titans
Gmen Rule Bengals Cardinals Chargers Raiders Vikings
Goofballers Chiefs Giants Lions Steelers Titans
Hold My Dak Buccaneers Jaguars Saints Steelers Titans
Jeff Bengals Eagles Jaguars Saints Steelers
JFIFS Buccaneers Jaguars Patriots Titans Vikings
Joe O Colts Eagles Jaguars Lions Texans
Joe R Bengals Falcons Patriots Texans Vikings
Julie Broncos Chiefs Eagles Giants Vikings
King of the North Chiefs Eagles Falcons Jaguars Packers
LICKIT&STICKIT Bengals Buccaneers Patriots Steelers Titans
MAMA FIFS Jaguars Ravens Redskins Seahawks Titans
Mr. E Eagles Jaguars Lions Steelers Titans
Mrs. Upstate Browns Colts Rams Saints Steelers
New Jersey Giants Browns Cardinals Colts Patriots Raiders
NFC EAST Broncos Cardinals Chargers Chiefs Giants
NFIFS 49ers Bills Rams Redskins Titans
OneBuffalo Bengals Cardinals Jaguars Lions Saints
OV Pounders 49ers Chargers Jaguars Raiders Rams
PAPA FIFS 49ers Jaguars Panthers Rams Seahawks
Phins Up Buccaneers Chiefs Falcons Lions Patriots
Ray Finkle Bengals Eagles Lions Raiders Titans
Redskins Chiefs Cowboys Falcons Jaguars Saints
RunCMC Eagles Jaguars Panthers Raiders Vikings
Spath Bills Broncos Browns Patriots Vikings
The Viking Buccaneers Rams Seahawks Steelers Vikings
Tim O Cowboys Giants Steelers Texans Vikings
Uncle Dale Broncos Cardinals Chargers Chiefs Seahawks
Vikkitortor Bengals Bills Broncos Eagles Titans
Witten In The Stars Broncos Buccaneers Eagles Falcons Titans

Week 5

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy Bills Browns Colts Packers Raiders
Beth O 49ers Bills Jaguars Packers Seahawks
Big Blue 2017 Bills Browns Packers Patriots Texans
Bowlmeister Chargers Chiefs Dolphins Jaguars Packers
BrianO Bills Chiefs Cowboys Giants Jets
Browns 0-16 Colts Dolphins Jets Steelers Vikings
Chet(son) Bills Chiefs Dolphins Jaguars Ravens
Chucky The Doll Chiefs Packers Raiders Seahawks Vikings
DanTheMan Bengals Colts Giants Seahawks Titans
Dave Squared Bills Chiefs Eagles Giants Ravens
Dog Pound Chargers Chiefs Packers Patriots Vikings
DonnieRex Bills Cardinals Jets Panthers Steelers
Fort Knox Bills Jaguars Lions Titans Vikings
Georgefromjc Bills Chiefs Eagles Jaguars Packers
Gmen Rule Browns Cardinals Colts Raiders Rams
Goofballers Cardinals Giants Lions Raiders Titans
Hold My Dak Bills Chiefs Colts Raiders Vikings
Jeff 49ers Cardinals Chiefs Titans Vikings
JFIFS Bills Chargers Jaguars Ravens Vikings
Joe O Bills Browns Chiefs Colts Jaguars
Joe R Dolphins Giants Jaguars Jets Texans
Julie Bills Colts Packers Texans Vikings
King of the North Giants Jets Lions Packers Rams
Kit Bengals Browns Colts Packers Titans
LICKIT&STICKIT Colts Jets Ravens Titans Vikings
MAMA FIFS Dolphins Packers Rams Ravens Steelers
Mr. E Chiefs Colts Eagles Packers Ravens
Mrs. Upstate Chiefs Eagles Jaguars Packers Rams
New Jersey Giants Jaguars Patriots Raiders Texans Vikings
NFC EAST Bears Chiefs Packers Raiders Rams
NFIFS Bears Chargers Dolphins Jaguars Ravens
OneBuffalo Colts Rams Ravens Titans Vikings
OV Pounders Bears Chargers Jets Raiders Seahawks
PAPA FIFS Chargers Jaguars Jets Packers Seahawks
Phins Up Bills Colts Dolphins Giants Lions
Ray Finkle Chiefs Dolphins Eagles Jets Ravens
Redskins Dolphins Eagles Jets Rams Steelers
RunCMC Bengals Chiefs Packers Panthers Rams
Spath Cardinals Chiefs Jets Seahawks Vikings
The Viking Cardinals Chiefs Jets Packers Vikings
Tim O Cowboys Jets Rams Ravens Texans
Uncle Dale Chiefs Cowboys Raiders Rams Vikings
Vikkitortor Bills Chiefs Packers Ravens Vikings
Witten In The Stars Chiefs Cowboys Giants Seahawks Vikings

Week 6

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy Buccaneers Chiefs Raiders Rams TItans
Beth O Cardinals Dolphins Jets Lions Steelers
Big Blue 2017 Chargers Chiefs Eagles Falcons Packers
Bowlmeister Broncos Chiefs Eagles Lions Texans
BrianO Bears Dolphins Giants Jaguars Jets
Browns 0-16 Cardinals Chiefs Eagles Packers Saints
Chet(son) Buccaneers Jaguars Jets Raiders Titans
Chucky The Doll Cardinals Chiefs Giants Raiders Titans
DanTheMan 49ers Dolphins Jaguars Saints Vikings
Dave Squared Bears Browns Lions Packers Raiders
Dog Pound Broncos Browns Packers Rams Titans
DonnieRex Broncos Packers Patriots Ravens Steelers
Fort Knox Chiefs Dolphins Jaguars Lions Packers
Georgefromjc Broncos Jaguars Packers Raiders Redskins
Gmen Rule Cardinals Packers Raiders Saints Steelers
Goofballers Bears Buccaneers Lions Raiders Titans
Hold My Dak Bears Chargers Chiefs Lions Packers
Jeff Buccaneers Lions Packers Patriots Raiders
JFIFS Buccaneers Chiefs Packers Raiders Ravens
Joe O Browns Chiefs Jets Lions Packers
Joe R Buccaneers Jets Lions Packers Texans
Julie Cardinals Chargers Colts Jaguars Lions
King of the North Buccaneers Packers Panthers Rams Texans
LICKIT&STICKIT Broncos Cardinals Jaguars Packers Saints
MAMA FIFS Broncos Browns Chiefs Jets Packers
Mr. E Bears Buccaneers Lions Raiders Rams
Mrs. Upstate Chargers Chiefs Jaguars Packers Redskins
New Jersey Giants Buccaneers Eagles Jets Rams Titans
NFC EAST Buccaneers Chargers Chiefs Eagles Jaguars
NFIFS Browns Eagles Jets Steelers Titans
OneBuffalo Bears Chiefs Jets Lions Packers
OV Pounders Chargers Lions Panthers Rams Titans
PAPA FIFS Browns Buccaneers Lions Packers Patriots
Phins Up Broncos Chiefs Dolphins Packers Redskins
Ray Finkle Buccaneers Falcons Lions Packers Steelers
Redskins Buccaneers Packers Patriots Ravens Titans
RunCMC Chiefs Dolphins Jaguars Lions Patriots
Spath Broncos Lions Steelers Texans Titans
The Viking Buccaneers Lions Steelers Titans Vikings
Tim O Falcons Jets Lions Ravens Steelers
Uncle Dale Broncos Buccaneers Chiefs Raiders Titans
Vikkitortor Buccaneers Chiefs Packers Patriots Rams
Witten In The Stars Broncos Chiefs Packers Raiders Titans

Week 7

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy Bengals Bills Chargers Colts Cowboys
Beth O Bears Bills Dolphins Packers Ravens
Big Blue 2017 Bengals Chiefs Cowboys Giants Redskins
Bowlmeister Broncos Packers Seahawks Steelers Titans
BrianO 49ers Giants Jets Packers Patriots
Browns 0-16 Buccaneers Chiefs Colts Seahawks Titans
Chet(son) Bengals Bills Giants Jaguars Jets
Chucky The Doll 49ers Broncos Eagles Patriots Seahawks
DanTheMan Bears Bills Broncos Colts Saints
Dave Squared Bills Cowboys Giants Panthers Steelers
Dog Pound Chiefs Cowboys Falcons Panthers Steelers
DonnieRex Eagles Jets Packers Ravens Steelers
Fort Knox Chargers Eagles Jaguars Panthers Patriots
Georgefromjc Bills Colts Falcons Steelers Titans
Gmen Rule Buccaneers Cowboys Dolphins Eagles Vikings
Goofballers Bears Packers Rams Steelers Titans
Hold My Dak Cardinals Cowboys Eagles Falcons Panthers
Jeff Broncos Cowboys Jaguars Saints Titans
JFIFS Bills Broncos Jaguars Steelers Titans
Joe O Bears Browns Cowboys Giants Packers
Joe R Broncos Cowboys Packers Panthers Redskins
Julie Bills Broncos Cowboys Redskins Saints
King of the North Bills Chiefs Cowboys Jaguars Steelers
Kit Patriots Rams Ravens Steelers Titans
LICKIT&STICKIT Broncos Eagles Jets Patriots Titans
MAMA FIFS Bills Eagles Falcons Jets Vikings
Mr. E Chargers Falcons Jaguars Panthers Titans
Mrs. Upstate Jets Panthers Patriots Rams Titans
New Jersey Giants Bills Chiefs Cowboys Giants Titans
NFC EAST Bengals Chiefs Cowboys Giants Patriots
NFIFS 49ers Bengals Bills Chiefs Rams
OneBuffalo Bills Cowboys Jaguars Seahawks Vikings
OV Pounders Chargers Chiefs Falcons Redskins Titans
PAPA FIFS Bengals Falcons Packers Panthers Redskins
Phins Up Bills Dolphins Patriots Rams Saints
Ray Finkle Broncos Buccaneers Cowboys Jaguars Panthers
Redskins Broncos Cardinals Cowboys Dolphins Giants
RunCMC Bengals Broncos Eagles Panthers Patriots
Spath Broncos Dolphins Panthers Saints Titans
The Viking Broncos Falcons Saints Titans Vikings
Tim O Bills Cowboys Giants Panthers Vikings
Uncle Dale Chargers Cowboys Eagles Patriots Seahawks
Vikkitortor Browns Cardinals Patriots Steelers Vikings
Witten In The Stars Eagles Jets Packers Panthers Steelers

Week 8

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy Bills Cowboys Falcons Panthers Steelers
Beth O Colts Jets Lions Panthers Saints
Big Blue 2017 Buccaneers Cowboys Falcons Raiders Ravens
Bowlmeister 49ers Dolphins Falcons Steelers Texans
BrianO 49ers Broncos Colts Jets Patriots
Browns 0-16 Bengals Bills Chargers Cowboys Dolphins
Chet(son) Cowboys Jets Panthers Raiders Steelers
Chucky The Doll Broncos Colts Cowboys Seahawks Steelers
DanTheMan Bears Bills Buccaneers Chiefs Lions
Dave Squared Bills Chiefs Colts Cowboys Falcons
Dog Pound Cowboys Falcons Panthers Saints Steelers
DonnieRex Bills Falcons Panthers Patriots Steelers
Fort Knox Bears Chiefs Colts Cowboys Steelers
Georgefromjc Bills Chiefs Patriots Seahawks Steelers
Gmen Rule Chiefs Falcons Panthers Patriots Steelers
Goofballers Bears Buccaneers Falcons Lions Raiders
Hold My Dak Bears Broncos Cowboys Falcons Panthers
Jeff Cowboys Falcons Panthers Seahawks Steelers
JFIFS Bears Broncos Colts Falcons Panthers
Joe O Bears Buccaneers Cowboys Eagles Steelers
Joe R Buccaneers Colts Falcons Saints Steelers
Julie 49ers Bears Chiefs Cowboys Steelers
King of the North Cowboys Falcons Patriots Seahawks Steelers
Kit Bills Falcons Patriots Steelers Vikings
LICKIT&STICKIT Bills Buccaneers Cowboys Saints Steelers
MAMA FIFS Bengals Chargers Jets Raiders Steelers
Mr. E Falcons Panthers Raiders Seahawks Steelers
Mrs. Upstate Bills Chargers Chiefs Eagles Steelers
New Jersey Giants 49ers Buccaneers Colts Seahawks Steelers
NFC EAST Bengals Chiefs Redskins Seahawks Steelers
NFIFS Bills Jets Redskins Saints Texans
OneBuffalo Bengals Chargers Cowboys Falcons Vikings
OV Pounders Buccaneers Dolphins Lions Raiders Redskins
PAPA FIFS Bears Colts Falcons Lions Vikings
Phins Up Bills Chiefs Patriots Redskins Steelers
Ray Finkle 49ers Cowboys Falcons Saints Steelers
Redskins Cowboys Falcons Patriots Steelers Vikings
RunCMC Chiefs Eagles Jets Panthers Patriots
Spath Broncos Falcons Panthers Raiders Vikings
The Viking Bills Chargers Eagles Lions Vikings
Tim O 49ers Cowboys Jets Patriots Texans
Uncle Dale Chiefs Cowboys Patriots Seahawks Steelers
Vikkitortor Buccaneers Colts Patriots Redskins Steelers
Witten In The Stars Bills Cowboys Jets Panthers Patriots

Week 9

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy 49ers Cowboys Jaguars Raiders Rams
Beth O Broncos Buccaneers Colts Falcons Redskins
Big Blue 2017 Bills Cowboys Falcons Giants Lions
Bowlmeister Chiefs Colts Jaguars Rams Titans
BrianO Broncos Chiefs Colts Giants Saints
Browns 0-16 Bills Broncos Jaguars Rams Saints
Chet(son) Cardinals Chiefs Dolphins Jaguars Ravens
Chucky The Doll Cardinals Chiefs Packers Raiders Seahawks
Dave Squared Chiefs Colts Eagles Raiders Saints
Dog Pound Bills Chiefs Falcons Rams Texans
DonnieRex Chiefs Eagles Falcons Giants Ravens
Fort Knox Colts Cowboys Jaguars Rams Ravens
Georgefromjc Colts Eagles Jaguars Ravens Saints
Gmen Rule Bills Cardinals Jaguars Lions Raiders
Goofballers Broncos Colts Giants Panthers Titans
Hold My Dak Bengals Cowboys Lions Rams Ravens
Jeff Bills Colts Lions Raiders Rams
JFIFS Cardinals Colts Falcons Lions Raiders
Joe O Buccaneers Cowboys Falcons Jaguars Ravens
Joe R Colts Falcons Raiders Rams Titans
Julie Colts Cowboys Dolphins Falcons Ravens
King of the North Bills Cardinals Eagles Raiders Rams
Kit Cowboys Eagles Rams Saints Titans
LICKIT&STICKIT Cardinals Cowboys Lions Panthers Saints
MAMA FIFS Chiefs Colts Eagles Jaguars Rams
Mr. E Colts Falcons Raiders Rams Redskins
Mrs. Upstate Cowboys Eagles Panthers Redskins Saints
New Jersey Giants Colts Eagles Packers Raiders Seahawks
NFC EAST 49ers Chiefs Lions Raiders Seahawks
NFIFS Broncos Colts Jaguars Ravens Redskins
OneBuffalo Cardinals Colts Jaguars Raiders Rams
OV Pounders Bills Chiefs Rams Ravens Redskins
PAPA FIFS Bills Buccaneers Colts Ravens Redskins
Phins Up Dolphins Eagles Jaguars Lions Saints
Ray Finkle Colts Eagles Raiders Saints Seahawks
Redskins Bills Colts Cowboys Giants Redskins
RunCMC Chiefs Eagles Jaguars Panthers Saints
Spath Broncos Chiefs Jaguars Raiders Rams
The Viking Bengals Chiefs Colts Panthers Ravens
Tim O Cardinals Colts Cowboys Falcons Redskins
Uncle Dale Cardinals Cowboys Lions Raiders Seahawks
Vikkitortor 49ers Giants Jaguars Lions Titans
Witten In The Stars Eagles Lions Panthers Raiders Seahawks

Week 10

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy Broncos Chargers Cowboys Jets Saints
Beth O Bills Colts Jaguars Packers Texans
Big Blue 2017 Bears Chargers Colts Giants Seahawks
Bowlmeister Chargers Cowboys Patriots Rams Vikings
BrianO Bears Falcons Jets Patriots Steelers
Browns 0-16 Bills Cardinals Cowboys Jets Rams
Chet(son) Browns Colts Giants Patriots Titans
Chucky The Doll Broncos Cowboys Giants Panthers Texans
DanTheMan Bears Broncos Buccaneers Colts Vikings
Dave Squared Bills Browns Dolphins Falcons Vikings
Dog Pound Packers Patriots Seahawks Steelers Vikings
DonnieRex Bills Giants Jets Patriots Steelers
Fort Knox Cowboys Dolphins Jaguars Patriots Steelers
Georgefromjc Bears Falcons Jaguars Rams Saints
Gmen Rule Bears Falcons Jaguars Panthers Redskins
Goofballers Buccaneers Cowboys Packers Titans Vikings
Hold My Dak Cowboys Jaguars Packers Patriots Redskins
Jeff Jets Patriots Saints Seahawks Steelers
JFIFS Bills Falcons Jets Steelers Vikings
Joe O 49ers Cowboys Dolphins Patriots Rams
Joe R Broncos Colts Jaguars Packers Redskins
Julie Bengals Browns Giants Jets Patriots
King of the North Lions Patriots Redskins Saints Steelers
Kit Bears Jaguars Patriots Titans Vikings
LICKIT&STICKIT Bears Bills Jaguars Titans Vikings
MAMA FIFS Bears Cowboys Rams Steelers Titans
Mr. E Colts Dolphins Giants Jaguars Titans
Mrs. Upstate Bengals Cowboys Jets Redskins Saints
New Jersey Giants Browns Chargers Cowboys Patriots Saints
NFC EAST 49ers Falcons Panthers Patriots Rams
NFIFS Broncos Browns Cowboys Jaguars Packers
OneBuffalo Falcons Giants Jaguars Patriots Titans
OV Pounders Buccaneers Chargers Cowboys Giants Saints
PAPA FIFS Broncos Browns Jets Packers Steelers
Phins Up Dolphins Jaguars Rams Steelers Titans
Ray Finkle Bills Cowboys Jets Rams Redskins
Redskins Jets Patriots Rams Redskins Steelers
RunCMC Cowboys Jaguars Patriots Rams Redskins
Spath Bills Broncos Lions Redskins Titans
The Viking Chargers Dolphins Falcons Rams Vikings
Tim O Bills Cowboys Jets Steelers Texans
Uncle Dale Falcons Giants Panthers Patriots Rams
Vikkitortor 49ers Broncos Cowboys Panthers Rams
Witten In The Stars Cowboys Jaguars Saints Titans Vikings

Week 11

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy Cardinals Chargers Dolphins Packers Rams
Beth O Broncos Cowboys Dolphins Lions Texans
Big Blue 2017 Dolphins Eagles Lions Rams Titans
Bowlmeister Bills Chiefs Eagles Rams Seahawks
BrianO Chargers Giants Patriots Rams Saints
Browns 0-16 Eagles Jaguars Lions Patriots Vikings
Chet(son) Bears Dolphins Eagles Redskins Vikings
Chucky The Doll Bengals Bills Eagles Patriots Seahawks
DanTheMan Broncos Buccaneers Cardinals Packers Vikings
Dave Squared Eagles Jaguars Lions Patriots Vikings
Dog Pound Chiefs Lions Rams Redskins Titans
DonnieRex Cardinals Eagles Lions Ravens Steelers
Fort Knox Cardinals Eagles Lions Rams Redskins
Georgefromjc Chiefs Eagles Falcons Jaguars Rams
Gmen Rule Eagles Lions Ravens Seahawks Vikings
Goofballers Broncos Buccaneers Cardinals Lions Packers
Hold My Dak Chargers Eagles Falcons Jaguars Packers
Jeff Buccaneers Chargers Eagles Lions Texans
JFIFS Chargers Eagles Falcons Ravens Texans
Joe O Browns Buccaneers Lions Patriots Texans
Joe R Browns Chargers Dolphins Packers Texans
Julie Bengals Chargers Eagles Falcons Jaguars
King of the North Dolphins Eagles Lions Patriots Saints
Kit Chargers Dolphins Patriots Seahawks Vikings
LICKIT&STICKIT Buccaneers Lions Patriots Seahawks Texans
MAMA FIFS Bears Jaguars Patriots Ravens Seahawks
Mr. E Eagles Lions Rams Ravens Texans
Mrs. Upstate Broncos Chargers Eagles Rams Ravens
New Jersey Giants Bills Falcons Lions Raiders Ravens
NFC EAST Bills Broncos Eagles Falcons Patriots
NFIFS Cowboys Giants Raiders Redskins Texans
OneBuffalo Cardinals Chiefs Eagles Lions Packers
OV Pounders Dolphins Eagles Falcons Jaguars Lions
PAPA FIFS Browns Falcons Lions Packers Raiders
Phins Up Dolphins Eagles Packers Patriots Saints
Ray Finkle Chargers Chiefs Jaguars Packers Redskins
Redskins Buccaneers Jaguars Lions Patriots Steelers
RunCMC Chiefs Eagles Lions Rams Saints
Spath Cardinals Eagles Giants Jaguars Patriots
The Viking Broncos Lions Packers Seahawks Vikings
Tim O Chiefs Cowboys Jaguars Ravens Texans
Uncle Dale Broncos Chargers Eagles Patriots Seahawks
Vikkitortor Bears Bengals Bills Cardinals Ravens
Witten In The Stars Falcons Packers Saints Texans Vikings

Week 12

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy Jaguars Packers Raiders Rams Seahawks
Beth O Bengals Jets Lions Raiders Saints
Big Blue 2017 Bengals Chargers Eagles Giants Lions
Bowlmeister Browns Lions Raiders Redskins Saints
BrianO 49ers Jaguars Packers Rams Ravens
Browns 0-16 Bengals Chiefs Colts Eagles Panthers
Chet(son) Bills Buccaneers Jaguars Seahawks Vikings
Chucky The Doll Cardinals Raiders Rams Ravens Steelers
DanTheMan Bears Bills Buccaneers Dolphins Packers
Dave Squared Buccaneers Panthers Rams Seahawks Titans
Dog Pound Browns Chiefs Eagles Lions Raiders
DonnieRex Bills Cowboys Panthers Ravens Titans
Fort Knox Bills Jaguars Panthers Raiders Saints
Georgefromjc Colts Jaguars Panthers Saints Steelers
Gmen Rule Panthers Raiders Ravens Seahawks Titans
Goofballers Bears Bills Dolphins Panthers Titans
Hold My Dak Falcons Packers Panthers Raiders Saints
Jeff Panthers Redskins Saints Seahawks Vikings
JFIFS Dolphins Panthers Saints Seahawks Titans
Joe O Bills Packers Patriots Raiders Saints
Joe R Bills Cardinals Panthers Texans Titans
Julie Dolphins Jaguars Ravens Saints Titans
King of the North Eagles Jaguars Panthers Raiders Vikings
Kit Bengals Panthers Raiders Ravens Seahawks
LICKIT&STICKIT Panthers Rams Redskins Seahawks Titans
MAMA FIFS Eagles Falcons Jaguars Saints Titans
Mr. E Chargers Dolphins Panthers Saints Vikings
Mrs. Upstate Colts Jets Raiders Saints Seahawks
New Jersey Giants 49ers Cowboys Dolphins Saints Texans
NFC EAST Cowboys Lions Panthers Ravens Steelers
NFIFS Bears Bills Cowboys Dolphins Packers
OneBuffalo Bengals Falcons Panthers Seahawks Titans
OV Pounders Bills Browns Saints Seahawks Texans
PAPA FIFS Bengals Colts Cowboys Raiders Seahawks
Phins Up Dolphins Falcons Jaguars Panthers Titans
Ray Finkle Bears Chiefs Jaguars Panthers Raiders
Redskins Cowboys Giants Rams Titans Vikings
RunCMC Jaguars Lions Panthers Redskins Titans
Spath Bears Chargers Dolphins Titans Vikings
The Viking Bills Buccaneers Jets Raiders Saints
Tim O Bills Cowboys Jets Lions Redskins
Uncle Dale Jaguars Raiders Rams Ravens Steelers
Vikkitortor Bengals Broncos Chiefs Jets Titans
Witten In The Stars Bears Chiefs Dolphins Falcons Panthers

Week 13

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy Browns Cardinals Eagles Panthers Steelers
Beth O Packers Panthers Raiders Seahawks Steelers
Big Blue 2017 Bears Falcons Lions Patriots Redskins
Bowlmeister Browns Lions Patriots Raiders Steelers
BrianO Bears Eagles Falcons Jets Packers
Browns 0-16 Jaguars Packers Patriots Raiders Redskins
Chet(son) Dolphins Eagles Ravens Saints Texans
Chucky The Doll Bengals Cardinals Raiders Saints Seahawks
DanTheMan Colts Lions Packers Saints Vikings
Dave Squared Bears Packers Raiders Rams Steelers
Dog Pound Chiefs Lions Raiders Steelers Vikings
DonnieRex Eagles Patriots Ravens Saints Steelers
Fort Knox Eagles Raiders Saints Steelers Vikings
Georgefromjc Panthers Raiders Seahawks Steelers Vikings
Gmen Rule Broncos Panthers Raiders Rams Ravens
Goofballers Bears Dolphins Jets Lions Titans
Hold My Dak Broncos Eagles Panthers Patriots Rams
Jeff 49ers Raiders Rams Steelers Vikings
JFIFS Browns Colts Eagles Raiders Saints
Joe O Lions Packers Patriots Seahawks Vikings
Joe R Bills Browns Chiefs Saints Seahawks
Julie Broncos Cardinals Packers Saints Seahawks
King of the North Eagles Packers Patriots Raiders Saints
Kit Chiefs Packers Patriots Saints Steelers
LICKIT&STICKIT Broncos Falcons Packers Rams Saints
MAMA FIFS Jaguars Packers Raiders Rams Titans
Mr. E Eagles Raiders Rams Saints Steelers
Mrs. Upstate Jaguars Raiders Rams Steelers Titans
New Jersey Giants 49ers Buccaneers Colts Eagles Steelers
NFC EAST Eagles Panthers Raiders Redskins Steelers
NFIFS Bengals Bills Browns Seahawks Texans
OneBuffalo Bears Chiefs Packers Raiders Vikings
OV Pounders 49ers Dolphins Lions Patriots Redskins
PAPA FIFS 49ers Chargers Packers Raiders Rams
Phins Up Dolphins Eagles Jaguars Packers Titans
Ray Finkle 49ers Chiefs Lions Raiders Rams
Redskins Falcons Packers Patriots Rams Saints
RunCMC Eagles Panthers Patriots Rams Vikings
Spath Chiefs Jaguars Patriots Seahawks Vikings
The Viking Chargers Colts Jets Raiders Vikings
Tim O 49ers Jets Raiders Seahawks Texans
Uncle Dale Chargers Eagles Raiders Rams Steelers
Vikkitortor Broncos Buccaneers Chiefs Ravens Vikings
Witten In The Stars Browns Colts Eagles Panthers Rams

Week 14

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy Cardinals Chargers Jets Rams Steelers
Beth O Patriots Raiders Ravens Redskins Seahawks
Big Blue 2017 Falcons Jets Packers Panthers Titans
Bowlmeister Cowboys Falcons Raiders Seahawks Steelers
BrianO Broncos Cardinals Dolphins Eagles Ravens
Browns 0-16 Bengals Cardinals Chargers Chiefs Jets
Chet(son) Chiefs Eagles Panthers Redskins Steelers
Chucky The Doll Broncos Dolphins Jaguars Rams Steelers
DanTheMan Chiefs Eagles Lions Texans Vikings
Dave Squared Bills Eagles Packers Patriots Vikings
Dog Pound Bengals Bills Cardinals Patriots Texans
DonnieRex Chiefs Cowboys Lions Packers Redskins
Fort Knox Bills Cowboys Packers Raiders Titans
Georgefromjc Bears Eagles Ravens Redskins Seahawks
Gmen Rule Bills Giants Jets Lions Raiders
Goofballers Jets Lions Packers Raiders Vikings
Hold My Dak Bills Cowboys Panthers Raiders Steelers
Jeff Cowboys Lions Patriots Seahawks Vikings
JFIFS Bears Browns Lions Raiders Ravens
Joe O Bills Cowboys Lions Packers Vikings
Joe R Chiefs Giants Packers Steelers Titans
Julie Cardinals Eagles Lions Patriots Raiders
King of the North Chargers Lions Packers Patriots Saints
Kit Cowboys Packers Patriots Steelers Vikings
LICKIT&STICKIT Bengals Bills Chargers Packers Titans
MAMA FIFS Cowboys Jets Rams Steelers Vikings
Mr. E Chargers Jets Packers Seahawks Titans
Mrs. Upstate Jaguars Lions Packers Patriots Titans
New Jersey Giants Jets Patriots Ravens Redskins Saints
NFC EAST Bengals Chargers Patriots Rams Ravens
NFIFS 49ers Chiefs Lions Ravens Redskins
OneBuffalo Cowboys Eagles Lions Packers Seahawks
OV Pounders Eagles Lions Patriots Raiders Seahawks
PAPA FIFS Eagles Lions Patriots Ravens Redskins
Phins Up Bills Dolphins Steelers Titans Vikings
Ray Finkle 49ers Bengals Eagles Jets Patriots
Redskins Jets Packers Rams Seahawks Vikings
RunCMC Chargers Eagles Panthers Patriots Ravens
Spath Bears Chiefs Lions Patriots Titans
The Viking 49ers Eagles Jets Packers Seahawks
Tim O Bills Buccaneers Cowboys Eagles Jets
Uncle Dale Jaguars Patriots Rams Steelers Titans
Vikkitortor BIlls Lions Texans Titans Vikings
Witten In The Stars Bengals Bills Eagles Jets Packers

Week 15

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy 49ers Cowboys Falcons Rams Steelers
Beth O Bills Jets Packers Raiders Steelers
Big Blue 2017 Chargers Colts Dolphins Jaguars Packers
Bowlmeister Bears Bills Chiefs Cowboys Vikings
BrianO Bills Chiefs Jets Patriots Seahawks
Browns 0-16 49ers Bears Broncos Falcons Seahawks
Chet(son) Bills Falcons Jets Packers Rams
Chucky The Doll 49ers Buccaneers Raiders Seahawks Steelers
DanTheMan Cowboys Jets Patriots Seahawks Texans
Dave Squared Bills Cowboys Falcons Jets Ravens
Dog Pound 49ers Bills Chiefs Falcons Steelers
DonnieRex Bills Packers Raiders Ravens Steelers
Fort Knox Cowboys Falcons Jets Lions Rams
Georgefromjc Falcons Jaguars Ravens Steelers Vikings
Gmen Rule Bills Jets Seahawks Steelers Titans
Goofballers Bills Cardinals Jets Panthers Titans
Hold My Dak Cowboys Dolphins Eagles Falcons Steelers
Jeff Bengals Bills Cowboys Falcons Panthers
JFIFS Cowboys Giants Jets Redskins Titans
Joe O Bills Cowboys Packers Ravens Titans
Joe R Bills Browns Falcons Giants Saints
Julie 49ers Cardinals Cowboys Falcons Rams
King of the North Bills Chargers Eagles Lions Redskins
Kit 49ers Cowboys Falcons Patriots Seahawks
LICKIT&STICKIT 49ers Bills Cowboys Packers Texans
MAMA FIFS Browns Chargers Falcons Jaguars Vikings
Mr. E 49ers Cowboys Packers Rams Steelers
Mrs. Upstate Dolphins Panthers Rams Ravens Titans
New Jersey Giants Cowboys Giants Panthers Rams Steelers
NFC EAST 49ers Cowboys Falcons Rams Steelers
NFIFS 49ers Bills Panthers Steelers Texans
OneBuffalo Bills Cowboys Patriots Rams Ravens
OV Pounders Chargers Dolphins Falcons Lions Raiders
PAPA FIFS Chiefs Falcons Lions Panthers Ravens
Phins Up 49ers Dolphins Falcons Jaguars Redskins
Ray Finkle Bills Cowboys Falcons Ravens Steelers
Redskins Chargers Lions Patriots Ravens Vikings
RunCMC Bengals Falcons Panthers Patriots Rams
Spath Eagles Packers Rams Redskins Titans
The Viking 49ers Bills Giants Patriots Vikings
Tim O 49ers Bills Cowboys Panthers Steelers
Uncle Dale 49ers Cowboys Falcons Patriots Seahawks
Vikkitortor 49ers Falcons Redskins Seahawks Steelers
Witten In The Stars Chargers Cowboys Dolphins Panthers Patriots

Week 16