Norton Football Pool

1st Place: NFIFS - 52 Wins - $374
2nd Place: Joe O - 50 Wins - $224.40
3rd Place: Chet(son) - 47 Wins - $149.60

That concludes the 2017 season of the Norton Football Pool! I will see you all next season!

Pick 5 and send to

Two winners for week 17, Browns 0-16 & Julie!

 Winners: Please e-mail me how you would like to be paid out. (Check / PayPal)

User Name pick1 pick2 pick3 pick4 pick5
Amy Bills Cardinals Chiefs Jaguars Rams
Beth O Bears Bills Jets Redskins Saints
Big Blue 2017 49ers Cowboys Dolphins Jaguars Raiders
Bowlmeister Jaguars Panthers Raiders Seahawks Steelers
BrianO Falcons Jaguars Jets Redskins Seahawks
Browns 0-16 49ers Bengals Chargers Colts Cowboys
Chet(son) 49ers Dolphins Lions Ravens Texans
Chucky The Doll Broncos Chargers Rams Ravens Seahawks
DanTheMan Chiefs Colts Eagles Lions Rams
Dave Squared Bears Bills Falcons Saints Seahawks
Dog Pound Jaguars Lions Rams Ravens Redskins
DonnieRex Bills Eagles Falcons Ravens Steelers
Fort Knox 49ers Bills Redskins Saints Seahawks
Georgefromjc 49ers Bills Chiefs Eagles Vikings
Gmen Rule 49ers Cardinals Chiefs Panthers Saints
Goofballers Bills Cardinals Chiefs Eagles Jets
Hold My Dak Chiefs Panthers Rams Saints Seahawks
Jeff 49ers Cowboys Redskins Saints Seahawks
JFIFS Bills Browns Jets Saints Seahawks
Joe O Bills Browns Colts Panthers Seahawks
Joe R 49ers Bills Browns Colts Seahawks
Julie 49ers Bengals Bills Cardinals Cowboys
King of the North          
LICKIT&STICKIT Chargers Chiefs Falcons Jaguars Redskins
MAMA FIFS 49ers Bills Browns Redskins Vikings
Mr. E 49ers Cowboys Redskins Seahawks Titans
Mrs. Upstate Chiefs Packers Panthers Rams Saints
New Jersey Giants Bengals Cardinals Chargers Rams Redskins
NFC EAST Bills Chiefs Jaguars Panthers Saints
NFIFS 49ers Browns Colts Panthers Redskins
OneBuffalo Bengals Bills Chiefs Falcons Raiders
OV Pounders 49ers Chargers Redskins Saints Vikings
PAPA FIFS Browns Ravens Redskins Seahawks Vikings
Phins Up Chargers Dolphins Falcons Redskins Saints
Ray Finkle 49ers Colts Cowboys Jaguars Redskins
Redskins Chiefs Colts Eagles Redskins Steelers
RunCMC Bears Browns Chiefs Panthers Rams
The Viking 49ers Chiefs Raiders Saints Vikings
Tim O Browns Jets Packers Saints Seahawks
Uncle Dale 49ers Broncos Chargers Ravens Seahawks
Vikkitortor Broncos Colts Dolphins Eagles Redskins
Witten In The Stars Bills Chiefs Cowboys Panthers Redskins

NFL Point Spreads For Week 17 

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
12/31 1:00 ET At Detroit -7 Green Bay
12/31 1:00 ET At New England -16 NY Jets
12/31 1:00 ET At Indianapolis -4 Houston
12/31 1:00 ET At Pittsburgh -11 Cleveland
12/31 1:00 ET Washington -3 At NY Giants
12/31 1:00 ET At Minnesota -12 Chicago
12/31 1:00 ET Dallas -3 At Philadelphia
12/31 4:25 ET New Orleans -7 At Tampa Bay
12/31 4:25 ET At Tennessee -4 Jacksonville
12/31 4:25 ET At Atlanta -4 Carolina
12/31 4:25 ET Buffalo -3 At Miami
12/31 4:25 ET At LA Chargers -8 Oakland
12/31 4:25 ET At Seattle -9 Arizona
12/31 4:25 ET At Baltimore -10 Cincinnati
12/31 4:25 ET At Denver -4 Kansas City
12/31 4:25 ET San Francisco -1 At LA Rams

Week 1: Mr. E - $88
Week 2: Bowlmeister - $88 ✓
Week 3: Joe R - $88
Week 5: Bowlmeister ✓, Mr. E, PAPA FIFS ✓, Ray Finkle - $44
Week 7: Uncle Dale - $176 ✓
Week 8: Fort Knox - $88 ✓
Week 9: Fort Knox ✓, Georgefromjc ✓, LICKIT&STICKIT ✓, Mrs. Upstate ✓ - $22
Week 10: NFC EAST - $88 ✓
Week 11: JFIFS ✓, Julie ✓ - $44
Week 12: LICKIT&SITCKIT ✓, OneBuffalo ✓ - $44
Week 14: BrianO - $176 ✓
Week 17: Browns 0-16 ✓, Julie ✓ - $132   

Pick 5 and Email to - please include username

$51 for the season up front. ($53 if paying through PayPal) That comes to $3 a week. Must pick 5 out of 5 correctly to win. Point spread is added to final underdog score to determine outcome of game.  If there are no winners, money carries over to next week. Must be paid up to win.  You can enter as many times as you like but it will cost you $51 for each profile created.

Total payment for the year = $3 * 17 weeks  = $51

I will accept and distribute money via Paypal or check/cash.  My paypal ID is my email address which is (do not send emails here, I will not see them)

-  $2/week goes to that weeks pot, $1/week goes to the pot for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners at the end of the season. The winners will be determined by best overall win/loss ratio.

- 1st place : 50% of pot

- 2nd place : 30% of pot

- 3rd place : 20% of pot

 (Total pot will be displayed on website, which is based on number of players in the pool).

- Games will be listed by Wednesday with spreads.  You will have to have your picks submitted before your first game starts. I will update and have all picks on the website for all to see after the games start (just like previous years).  Please do not update your picks too much since this site is not automated.... (More work for me)

- You are not allowed to pick the same team more than once in a week or pick both teams playing each other.

- Picking the winning team, with the spread, will earn you one win. Get 5 wins in a single week, and win that week's pot.

- Remember: Ties lose.

- To start, email me at  with your name and the display name you wish to use on the pool, and then pay the fee to join via paypal to ($53 for PayPal, $2 extra for PayPal fee) or through a check/cash ($51).

- Must pay for pool by 9/11/17 or else your picks will be disqualified.

Email me with any questions.