WEEK 15 POT: $88

One winner for week 14, $88 goes to Joe O!

If you have not yet submitted your picks, you can still pick the later games here.

 Winners: Please e-mail me how you would like to be paid out. (Check / PayPal / Venmo)

NFL Point Spreads For Week 15 
Date & TimeFavoriteSpreadUnderdog
12/13 8:20 ETAt Kansas City-4LA Chargers
12/15 4:30 ETHouston-6At NY Jets
12/15 8:20 ETAt Denver-3Cleveland
12/16 1:00 ETAt Minnesota-7Miami
12/16 1:00 ETAt Cincinnati-3Oakland
12/16 1:00 ETAt Baltimore-8Tampa Bay
12/16 1:00 ETAt Indianapolis-3Dallas
12/16 1:00 ETAt Buffalo-3Detroit
12/16 1:00 ETAt Chicago-6Green Bay
12/16 1:00 ETAt NY Giants-3Tennessee
12/16 1:00 ETAt Jacksonville-7Washington
12/16 1:00 ETAt Atlanta-9Arizona
12/16 4:05 ETSeattle-6At San Francisco
12/16 4:25 ETNew England-2At Pittsburgh
12/16 8:20 ETAt LA Rams-10Philadelphia
12/17 8:35 ETNew Orleans-7At Carolina

Amy - Week 3: $264 ✔
NFIFS, jhammerz1 - Week 6: $132 ✔
Georgefromjc, Hugh Janus, Nate B ✔, Redskins ✔ - Week 7: $22
Vipers - Week 8: $88 ✔
Melommy, PAPA FIFS, Thumbs - Week 9: $29.33 ✔
Vipers - Week 11: $176 ✔
Julie, Vipers - Week 13: $88
Joe O - Week 14: $88


$51 for the season up front. ($53 if paying through PayPal) That comes to $3 a week. Must pick 5 out of 5 correctly to win. Point spread is added to final underdog score to determine outcome of game.  If there are no winners, money carries over to next week. Must be paid up to win.  You can enter as many times as you like but it will cost you $51 for each profile created.

Total payment for the year = $3 * 17 weeks  = $51

I will accept and distribute money via Paypal, Venmo, or check/cash.  My paypal ID is my email address which is mjnorton98@hotmail.com (do not send emails here, I will not see them)
My Venmo name is: @MichaelNorton -- if you would like to pay through Venmo, you will have to send me a friend request.



-  $2/week goes to that weeks pot, $1/week goes to the pot for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners at the end of the season. The winners will be determined by best overall win/loss ratio.

- 1st place : 50% of pot

- 2nd place : 30% of pot

- 3rd place : 20% of pot

 (Total pot will be displayed on website, which is based on number of players in the pool).

- Games will be listed by Wednesday with spreads.  You will have to have your picks submitted before your first game starts. I will update and have all picks on the website for all to see after the games start (just like previous years).  Please do not update your picks too much since this site is not automated.... (More work for me)

- If you fail to submit your picks on time, it will result in 5 losses for that week.

- You are not allowed to pick the same team more than once in a week or pick both teams playing each other.

- Picking the winning team, with the spread, will earn you one win. Get 5 wins in a single week, and win that week's pot.

- Remember: Ties lose.

- To start, email me at johnnortonpicks@hotmail.com  with your name and the display name you wish to use on the pool, and then pay the fee to join via paypal to mjnorton98@hotmail.com ($53 for PayPal, $2 extra for PayPal fee) or through a check/cash ($51).

- Must pay for pool by (9/9/18) or else your picks will be disqualified.

Email me with any questions.  johnnortonpicks@hotmail.com